Book Club

That’s right! I have a book club and I want you to join it! It’s just a Facebook group and there’s no obligation to read anything if we pick something you just hate.

Every month we have a different theme to read (you can see all of the 2021 book themes here) and we all choose what we want to read within that theme. You can read one, you can read ten, or you can read none, either way, it’s a fun group.

We have a discussion post for the monthly book, but it’s a place where we can talk all things books. You can ask for recommendations, ask any bookish questions, and let your feelings out (good or bad) if you read a particularly intense book. It’s a casual, but fun discussion club.

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Monthly Picks 2020

This is also where you’ll be able to easily find all of our previous picks and you can join in on the discussion any time you want. All you have to do in the group is search the month and year, like MARCH2020 and you’ll find the discussion post.

February 2020 – This Mortal Coil

March 2020 – A Long Way Gone

April 2020 – Welcome to Night Vale

May 2020 – Sea Witch

I kind of gave up after this last year because I didn’t know what I was doing and just didn’t have a plan but that’s changed now!

2021 themes

I switched things up in 2021 so now instead of having one specific book, we have a theme. I don’t do the month/year hashtag anymore but here are all of the lists I have for each month.

January – #OWNvoices novel

February – Solo female travel book

March – Graphic novel

April – YA dystopian

May – Set in a state you haven’t been to