Rating system

While I don’t share many (if any) book reviews, I will have round-ups, favorites, least favorites, and all kinds of other lists where I’ll be rating the books I’ve read so this is to give a brief explanation of that rating system. It will be 1-5 stars, like Goodreads, but we all know that can mean different things for different people, so here is mine.

1 – I either DNF’d it or I really, really didn’t like it. If it’s a DNF, I’ll explain why and if I’d give it another shot.

2 – I didn’t hate it, but I finished it and didn’t like it. I probably wouldn’t recommend it.

3 – I liked it enough, but didn’t feel much of a particular way about it. I might recommend it based on whoever I’m talking to.

4 – I really liked this and would definitely recommend it. It might make it to my favorites list.

5 – I loved this and it’s probably on my favorites list. There’s also a good chance I’ll re-read it.

I’ll occasionally give .5 ratings, too, and I usually clarify if it’s leaning closer to being rounded up or down. I would also like to note, I’m not usually a super harsh critic and tend to be pretty positive, finding something good in a book. It’s very rare that I just really hate a book, but I’ll let you know if I do, or if it’s just something specific that keeps happening in the book.

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