22 Splatterpunk Books Not For The Faint Of Heart

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Over the summer I kept seeing the book Woom all over the book parts of Facebook and Instagram. It seems like one of those books where you finish it and all you have to say is what did I just read?

A couple months later I learned that this genre is called Splatterpunk and it was originally coined in 1986 by David J. Schow. It’s basically very graphic and gory horror.

I haven’t read any of these yet but I’m incredibly curious about this genre. I’ve been a fan of horror movies since high school and have been trying to read more regular horror books this year.

The only book on this list so far that I actually have is Woom but I’m sure a lot of these are going to end up on my wishlist/TBR. I would love to hear your thoughts on the genre and suggestions if you’ve read any!

I would definitely proceed with caution as there are some pretty heavy topics in these books, particularly child SA, murder, and things along those lines. I would expect most of these to have several trigger warnings and extremely violent content. Some of the descriptions do have content warnings already.

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The Woods are Dark

Neela and Sherri just wanted to do some backpacking. Instead, they end up shackled to a dead tree. The Dills family just wanted to enjoy a quaint motor lodge but they also find themselves shackled to a tree, all waiting for Them to show up.

Exquisite Corpse

Murder is an art to Andrew Compton, so much so that he fakes his death to escape prison and bring his art to a new height in the US.

He inadvertently joins forces with Jay who pushes his own art to levels Compton never imagined. Together they set their eye on Tran, a young Vietnamese-American runaway who they deem to be the perfect victim.

Succulent Prey

Joseph Miles was attacked by a child serial killer fifteen years ago and is the only survivor. But now he’s slowly turning into a killer himself and finds himself if you can catch it like a disease. Can he be cured before he kills the woman he loves?

In the Miso Soup

Frank has hired Kenji to take him on a tour of Tokyo’s nightlife just before the New Year. Frank is acting so strangely that Kenji expects he may have some murderous desires. Kenji isn’t innocent either but he unwillingly descends into evil with Frank and only his sixteen-year-old girlfriend can save him.

The Light at the End

Headlines about ten murders in the New York City subway have everyone on edge. There is no pattern. There are no leads, just the nickname, the “Subway Psycho.” NYPD needs to find the killer before the city breaks out into mass hysteria. But what they’re looking for isn’t human.

Battle Royale

Think Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies in the Japanese Splatterpunk book. As part of a ruthless authoritarian program, a class of junior high students is taken to a deserted island, left with weapons, and forced to kill until only one is left standing.

The Killing Kind

Rob finds himself drawn into the world of Roxie’s sexy goth world of blood and mayhem. They cut a bloody trail across the country and the group of college students on spring break in Myrtle Beach blissfully remain unaware of the danger bearing down on them.

Billy silver

Billy Silver is a junkie who needs cash for his next fix. He’s kicked out of his own band, lost his girlfriend, and sells his flesh to a newly opened tattoo shop. Talia tattoos a cryptic design he’s never seen before and not long after, compulsions burn under his skin. A need to self-mutilate begins a dark descent to places his life never dared to go.

Into the Wolves’ Den

Keith is a cop in Montano, New Mexico who sets out to find his missing daughters after they didn’t make it home from school with the help of Gerald, an old friend and private investigator.

As the investigation stalls and desperation increases, Keith’s methods become unorthodox, illegal, and incredibly violent. Meanwhile, his daughters, fourteen and eight years old, witness unspeakable horrors at the Wolves Den, a house in the middle of nowhere where a group of people in animal masks make snuff films.

No One Rides for Free

This is actually a Splatterpunk novella and could be a good one to start with since it’s shorter if you want to see if the genre is for you. Here is the official description for this one:

“Jodi was driving her children to college when The Man got in their car.
Uninvited, unwanted, and unhinged…
The Man has no name, but he does have a gun… a knife… and a bag of “toys”.
What starts as a forced ride into the desert escalates into a disturbing series of crimes and assaults.
Jodi and her children will soon pray for death.”

For the Sake Of

Riley was missing for eight months and Tabby thought she would never see her again. Until one day she finds a brown bag on her doorstep with a picture of Riley in it. And a decapitated head on her lap.

Now Tabby has to prove she’ll do anything to save her daughter, no matter how sick or evil.

What Good Girls Do

Until now, she has had no name, has never left her room, and has only known pain and abuse. Outside for the first time, she has to make a violent point and her neighbor Serenity is perfect.

Serenity has to face a nightmarish lesson and unflinching evil while questioning her most deeply held beliefs until she has no choice but to fight for her family’s survival.

The Unseen

Allison’s world is turned upside down when, at a horror convention, a guy shows her a movie that shouldn’t exist. It’s an unseen and unknown installment of a slasher franchise she’s always loved. She knows it’s real, not a fan-made fake, and the only conclusion is the movie is from an alternate reality. She also knows one other thing. She must have it by any means necessary.

The Venue

Caleb is getting married and you’re invited! It doesn’t matter that you haven’t spoken since your falling out in high school, he’s over that. It turned him into the man he is today, after all.

He wants to thank you with an all-expenses paid trip to a remote, luxurious resort in the Alps. It’s sure to be a killer party.


The Lonely Motel has a lot of dark secrets, room 6 being the worst. Angel’s mother died in this room and he’s here to end it today, no matter the cost. Shyla is an escort and thinks the stories he’s telling her can’t be true. But the motel doesn’t forget or forgive. And it always claims its victim.

My Pretties

A serial kidnapper is abducting women and locking them in cages in his basement where he patiently watches them, hoping he’ll be there the moment they starve to death.

Charlene and Gertie are work friends and Gertie’s cousin is one of the missing women. Charlene gets concerned when she realizes Gertie is using herself as bait for the killer as she prowls the area the women go missing from. Charlene agrees to follow in her car in case something does happen but now they find themselves facing unwanted fame and are on the radar of a very dangerous man.


Many kids call Long Lake, Georgia home but it’s just another stop for Baker, thanks to his mom’s nomadic lifestyle. He’s missed out on a lot but now he has Cassandra in his life, an older girl whose idea of fun blurs the lines of right and wrong.

He finds himself following along the road to self-destruction, vigilante justice, and bloodshed as an art form.

Paradise Club

Paradis is an inclusive resort with everything you could want. It even has an event not advertised: a game pitting guests against a gang of maniacs. Elliot is about to find out how fast heaven can become hell as everyone is forced to kill in order to survive. The team of killers won’t stop until every guest is dead.

Horror in the Woods

Four friends are spending a weekend hiking together, not thinking they’ll be hunted. They stumble on the territory of the sick Webb family who happens to have a taste for human meat. To make it out alive, they need to face the cannibals head-on and find the secret behind their very existence.


I don’t know what to do with this so:

“Mother’s corpse in pieces, dead dog on the roof, girlfriend in a coma, baby nailed to the wall, and a hundred tons of homicidal beef stampeding through the subway system. And Steven thought the slaughterhouse was bad . . .”


I forgot I actually got this on a Kindle deal in October! I’ve heard very good things about this one.

The Morrows keep to themselves in their crooked farmhouse in the middle of nowhere Appalachia. When girls go missing from the highway, no one questions them.

Michael is different though. He’s the only Morrow that doesn’t take pleasure in the screams echoing through the forest. He wants normalcy and hopes for that when he meets Alice who works in a local record store. He almost forgets about the monster he’s become but his brother is eager to remind him.


As video cassettes grew in popularity, so did illicit pornography. Talia left her midwest home for Broadway fame but nothing could have prepared her for the violence and depravity she found.

Have you read any of these Splatterpunk books? Which ones? Any others you would recommend?

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