Hey, I’m Reading 2021 Monthly Book Club Themes And Book Bingos

There are affiliate links in here.  I get a small commission if you purchase through them at no extra cost to you.

This year I’m going to be doing things a little differently in my book club. Instead of just having one book to read, there will be a few to choose from so you can hopefully find one you love!

You might even be able to cross out book bingo spots with the monthly books. I figured seasonal bingos would be easier than monthly because that’s a lot to read in a month and I want this to be fun, not stressful.

I haven’t included specific suggestions for the book bingo, but feel free to ask in the group or comment here looking for any suggestions if you’re having a hard time finding something for a particular square.

I tried to make the boards easy, but also challenging and diverse. I’ve also just been trying to read more diverse books and will try and seek those out for some of the squares that might be more generic or just easier to do (like published in a certain month or with a certain color cover.)


Here I’ve given each months theme with a few different options on what to read for that theme! It gives you options if you’ve read one or more of them and maybe you can read more than one if you want.

January – OWN Voices novel

I made a whole list that you can find here.

February – Solo female travel memoir

You can find a few more ideas from what I read in August 2020. I wrote a home post about solo female travel memoirs, too.

March – Graphic novel

You can find more graphic novel suggestions here. And allllllll the ones I read in March here.

April – YA dystopian

May – Set in a state you haven’t visited

This will obviously be different for everyone but I have a list that will help you find one easily! Here is my 50 states reading challenge where you can find 3-8 books set in each state.

June – Historical fiction set in the Middle East

July – Set in the South Pacific

August – Fairytale retelling by an author of color

These aren’t all specifically fairytale retellings, but retellings of myths, folklore, fairytales and other things like that.

September – Book about food

You can see more suggestions on books about food here (specifically foodie travel).

October – Set in a haunted house

November – Nordic Noir

You can find suggestions for this month AND next month in my Finland, Iceland, and Greenland book posts. They aren’t all Nordic Noir, but I usually mention if they are.

December – Set in a snowy location

Here are some snowy books (lots of cozy and romance on this list if that’s your thing).

2021 Book Bingo Cards

Finally, the book bingos! I’m only going to have current/past ones on here, so as the new season comes, I’ll add the new boards. I’ll be doing winter December to February, spring March to May, summer June to August, and fall September to November.

This means you get three months for each bingo board which feels like a much more manageable timeframe to actually complete any of it. I would love for you to save/screenshot the bingo boards to share your progress in my book club group on Facebook!

This page will help you find books published in certain months. It was for a Popsugar challenge, but it works for this, too.

And while I don’t have all the colors up yet, my Rainbow Reads series will help you find books with covers of certain colors.

Winter book bingo

Spring Book Bingo

Summer Book Bingo

Author: Megan Johnson

I'm Megan, a Wisconsin native currently working my way around the US. You can probably find me reading on the beach, wandering through the desert, or hanging out in a cute little coffee shop.

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