The Ultimate List Of Nancy Drew Gifts For The Detective In Your Life

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I love Nancy Drew, both the books and the games, and it’s no secret. I wanted to make this Nancy Drew gift guide last year but I never did, so I figured why not do it now?!

This was such a fun guide to put together and I want so many of these things, too! I usually try to stick to things I own and have tried for these lists, but I don’t have any of these.

These are all Nancy Drew gifts I would also love to receive myself though, so I feel like this list is a little different. Whether the detective in your life is a fan of the games or the books, there should be plenty of options to choose from.

Some of this list is from Amazon but a lot of it is on Etsy. I have a whole collection of Nancy Drew goodies on there and you can easily shop all of them here.

Mystery at Magnolia Gardens Game

First up is the Nancy Drew board game from Hunt a Killer. If the detective in your life is a fan of board games, this is a must!

I will say, there is one downside to this, once you play it, you know what happens. But still, it looks like a fun game and it’s one I would love to play.

Nancy Drew book cover puzzle

There are a few Nancy Drew puzzles to choose from: the one linked above (and here) and one with a different style of book cover illustration. Both are 1000 pieces and look pretty fun. I like the second one more but I also just really love those covers a lot.

What Would Nancy Drew Do? keychain

This is a nice, simple metal keychain for all the Nancy Drew lovers out there. It’s a nice, slightly more understated choice than say, a glow-in-the-dark ghost I have listed below.

Nancy Drew games mug

There are two very notable quotes from the Nancy Drew computer games: It’s Locked and Can’t Check That Off Yet. And you can get both of them on mugs!

I would love both of these for my everyday coffee, but they would be perfect for during-game hot beverages. I’ll probably end up getting these myself at some point.

Clues for Real Life: The Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew

This is a fun book full of the best Nancy quotes and illustrations throughout the last 75 years. This would be the perfect gift for Nancy Drew book lovers in particular.

Nancy Drew cookbook

This is the perfect gift for the cook and Nancy Drew lover in your life. Even if they don’t cook but love the books, this is a great gift as it’s full of recipes found in the first sixteen books. And even better, you could offer to make some of the recipes together!

Nancy Drew bookmarks

There are tons of Nancy Drew bookmarks to choose from in different styles and materials on Etsy for both book and game lovers.

Nancy Drew stickers

There are SO MANY fun Nancy Drew game stickers, I want them all! I don’t know why I would need or what I would do with so many but I think covering a notebook in them for game notes would actually be so perfect.

There are too many to list, but here are a few plus some shops that have a lot to choose from:

Nancy Drew silhouette shirt

I’ve almost gotten this shirt so many times and I feel like I’m overdue. Whether you want a Nancy Drew gift for a fan of the books or the games, this is one of the best options. It’s cute and simple but still says I’m in the Clue Crew!

This River Heights sweatshirt is another great choice if you want something a little less obviously Nancy Drew. Fans will definitely get it but it’s a little more subtle Clue Crew.

Nancy Drew map print

This print is SO cute! It’s a watercolor map print of different locations visited in the first seven books! It’s perfect for fans of the books and it comes in a variety of sizes from 8×10 to 24×36.

While it may be book locations, a lot of them are featured in the games, too, so I think it would be great for fans of either. It’s also available as a sticker if you’re not sure if a print is the right Nancy Drew gift for you.

Nancy Drew book journal

Who doesn’t love notebooks, right? This would be the perfect gift for Nancy Drew fans and would make a great game note journal! It’s a great way to bring the books and games together.

Nancy Drew silhouette ornament

Bring a little Nancy Drew out for the holidays every year with this cute but simple wood silhouette ornament. It can go on the Christmas tree or even just hang on the bookshelf year-round. This would be a great Nancy Drew-themed stocking stuffer.

Nancy Drew book page candle

This candle is the perfect subtle decor piece for fans of Nancy Drew. It is wrapped in pages from the first book and is usable. This would be a great thing to add to a Nancy Drew bookshelf, especially.

Nancy Drew game charm bracelet

If the person you’re shopping for is into jewelry and like the games, one of these charm bracelets would be perfect! They have one for most of the games specifically and a couple of more general ones.

Secret of Shadow Ranch recipe box

I love this box, it’s so cute! Shadow Ranch is one of my favorite games and this box even comes with the recipes from the game! This is the perfect Nancy Drew gift for anyone who loves Shadow Ranch and/or cooking. You could always add some recipes you love to it, too.

Nancy Drew Collector card game

Next we have another Nancy Drew game, this time it’s a card game! You have to reveal the books your competitors are after while they try to figure out yours. It almost sounds a little like Guess Who but with cards.

I hadn’t seen this game before but it sounds like it would be fun to try and would make the perfect Nancy Drew gift.

Nancy Drew book scarf

This infinity scarf is the perfect gift for Nancy Drew fans, particularly the books, as it features text and illustrations from The Secret of the Old Clock, the first book! This is generally a great shop for book lovers.

Nancy Drew quote pencil set

These pencils are actually wrapped with pages from the first book! They’re cute and perfect for any collector. They also come in a fabric pencil pouch. If they’re big readers, there are other book sets available, too!

Lilac Inn Soap

This bar soap was inspired by the fourth book, The Mystery at Lilac Inn. Not only does it smell like delicious lilacs, but it has a key hidden inside, too! I’m a recent bar soap convert and would love to try this.

Nancy Drew earrings

I actually do have those silhouette earrings and I love them SO much! If you want a smaller earring choice, these book cover earrings are adorable. I have a not-so-small earring obsession and the book ones will be part of it sooner than later.

Nancy Drew stationery set

This Nancy Drew stationery is so cute and perfect for anyone that loves the games. The papers look like the letters Nancy sends home at the end of each game.

They would be great for letters, of course, but would be another really fun way to take notes for games.

Blackmoor Manor ghost keychain

I have more keychains than I know what to do with (and I don’t even have that many) but this glowing ghost keychain from the Blackmoor Manor ghost hunt is adorable. This would also be a great Nancy Drew-themed stocking stuffer.

Nancy Drew game pins

There are a few iconic things from the games like the glowing ghosts and bento. These pins cover that! There is also a magnifying glass and a whale and the Jr. Ranger pin from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. These would also be great stocking stuffers.

Do you have any of these Nancy Drew gifts? Which ones? What do you like the most on the list?

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