Halloween Reading Challenge For Spooky Season (Or All Year)

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I love Halloween and I am ready for it! But I’m always ready for it. I figured this would be the perfect time to share a Halloween reading challenge!

This is a challenge with a few horror prompts and I know that’s not for everyone so I included alternative options at the end in case the horror isn’t for you.

This is all Halloween themed but can be as scary or spooky as you like (on my horror scale scary is horror and spooky is more light and fun).

As usual, I’ve included suggestions for each prompt to help get stared but you can always choose things already on your TBR. Combo backlist and Halloween reading challenge anyone?

I also tried to choose spooky, creepy, and scary books but not all of them are. While this is ideal for an October reading challenge, it’s perfect for us folks who like to stretch spooky season throughout the year.

I chose 13 prompts for this (obviously I had to) plus the alternatives. If you’re really feeling ambitious, or doing this for the whole year, you could do all 17 of them.

I would love to know if you decide to do this spooky reading challenge and would love to hear what you decide to read for it, too.

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Orange cover

Black cover

Skull on the cover

Haunted house book

Possession book

Witchy book

Black cat on the cover

Book that takes place on (or around) Halloween

Japanese horror book

Ocean horror book

Gothic horror book

A vampire book

Creature horror

Horror alternative prompts:

Spooky middle grade

Pumpkin on the cover

Purple cover

Green cover

Are you going to join this Halloween reading challenge? Which books are you picking?

Author: Megan Johnson

I'm Megan, a cheesehead at heart currently residing in the Sunshine State. You can probably find me reading, watching Forensic Files, or both.

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