11 Book Genres Where I Will Always Read Everything I Can Find In Them

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I’ve mentioned it before but there are a few genres that I love and will read everything that I can find in that genre. And just because it sounded fun, I decided to write a post about them!

I know I just said I will read everything in these genres but there are four exceptions that I will skip. Maybe I’ll make an exception for some of them but it depends on the genre and specific book.

  • Historical fiction
  • Anything pre-1950ish
  • Heavy Romance
  • Reference, like not for entertainment type things

Some of the genres are pretty broad but others are very specific. This is just a fun post but I will include some of my favorites for each genre. I would love to hear any of your suggestions for these, too!

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Crazy survival stories

I love survival stories. Ok, I won’t start all of these like this because obviously, I love them, I just had to get it out of the way. But man, survival stories!

I don’t know if it’s the part of me that is also really interested in true crime but it would make sense if it was. Survival stories are so interesting to me. It’s interesting hearing the before, how it all happened, then finding out how it resolves. All the trials and tribulations, the hopelessness, the resolution. All of it.

Two favorites: 438 Days, Lost in the Jungle

Two I can’t wait to read: When I Fell From the Sky, Island of the Lost

Books about Mount Everest

I have absolutely no desire to climb Mount Everest, or really any serious mountains, ever, but I love reading about mountaineering Mount Everest specifically, and even more specifically, mountaineering accidents.

I also love watching everything I can about Mount Everest (open to suggestions on shows/movies/documentaries on mountaineering.). This is one of the examples where I don’t care about the technical side of it, hence reference books. I just want to hear about the experiences.

I also enjoy books about Everest that are from other perspectives, like the two I can’t wait to read, which are about Sherpas and a woman during the big Everest tragedy. Or about firsts, like No Summit Out of Sight (so good!) I mostly stick to non-fiction but am open to any fiction suggestions, too.

Two favorites: Into Thin Air, Dark Summit

Two I can’t wait to read: Buried in the Sky, Climbing High: A Woman’s Account of Surviving the Everest Tragedy

Books about living/traveling in Paris

I don’t think I’m a Francophile but maybe I’m a Francophile-lite. I want to go to Paris, so bad. All of France, really. I actually just got a Paris laptop case and it’s so cute! I really like reading about all of France but enjoy Paris specifically.

I also think I just enjoy books about people moving abroad and there are a lot about moving to France and Paris. Just writing this makes me want to go and eat all the pastries.

I’m shocked I haven’t written my Paris book post yet but now I really need to do it. This is the genre where I don’t really prefer historical fiction. I might try one occasionally but I definitely prefer more recent settings or travel/non-fiction.

Two favorites: I Love You Paris But You’re Bringing Me Down

Two I can’t wait to read: Sweet Life in Paris, Seven Letters from Paris


I don’t even care that almost every dystopian trilogy is the same, I love them. Sure, I’ve read some pretty terrible ones, but I will read every. Single. One.

This isn’t the biggest section in my little home library but it’s not far off. I tend to lean toward the YA dystopian trilogy but I have a ton of adult dystopians on my TBR and wishlist, too. LOVE THEM and would love suggestions for any dystopians you’ve read and love.

Two favorites: The Testing, Hunger Games

Two I can’t wait to read: Internment, Tender is the Flesh

YA thrillers

Thank you, Sara Shepard. This started with the Pretty Little Liars show, then I read the books, then I watched The Lying Game and read that series and here we are now.

I’ve read almost every Sara Shepard book (except maybe three?) and have read every YA thriller I could get my hands on.

On my list of them, I’ve read 20 of them, have 9 more of them, and want to read all the ones I don’t have yet, too. I love regular thrillers, too, but that teen murder drama is my jam.

Two favorites: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Sadie

Two I can’t wait to read: I Killed Zoe Spanos, One of Us is Lying

YA contemporary romance books about traveling in Europe

This is probably the most specific thing on the list. I love YA contemporary romance books that involve traveling in Europe. I would probably read about traveling anywhere, but this one really is specific to Europe.

Love & Gelato is the one that started this obsession and I really haven’t found much else in the extremely specific genre. Anna and the French Kiss, of course, Wanderlost, and 9 Days and 9 Nights are the four that I’ve read.

I have I See London, I See France, too, but I haven’t had much luck in finding a lot in this genre so I would love any additional suggestions here. I’m so excited it’s summer now, that’s my favorite time to read these.

Two favorites: Love & Gelato, Anna and the French Kiss

Two I can’t wait to read: Love & Olives, Wanderlost

Felonious Arts books

AKA non-violent true crime. I decided to read The Feather Thief and I loved it. Then I forced two other people to read it so I could talk to someone about it. Then I found all the books like The Feather Thief and started to make my way through them.

I love these books about people that have a hobby, become so obsessed with it, and it just gets so out of hand it ends with theft of such random things, arrest, and who knows what else!

I don’t see myself taking this obsessive collection/hobby path but I definitely understand it. I find something I love and I need 10 more of it immediately. 10/10, love me some felonious arts.

Two favorites: The Feather Thief, The Falcon Thief

Two I can’t wait to read: The Dinosaur Artist, Poached

Solo female travel memoirs

I will read almost any travel memoir, but solo female travel memoirs are so much better. Of course, there are probably less enjoyable ones, but I still love them.

It probably helps that I am also a lady and can relate to these a lot more. The ones written by men aren’t always bad, necessarily, but they’re just not the same.

I’ve read 9 of the 21 on my list, have 5 more of them to read, and want to read the rest on the list. This is another one I would love more suggestions on and to hear your favorites!

Two favorites: How Not to Travel the World, Elsewhere

Two I can’t wait to read: Open Mic Night in Moscow, Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven

Central America travel books

I love Central America so much! I spent 2.5 months there in 2015 and think about going back on a weekly basis, if not more. And I went there because of a book! Backpacked (below) specifically.

I’ve read a couple other ones that aren’t listed below, DNF’d one, and haven’t liked them that much. I also just haven’t been able to find that many books about traveling in Central America.

The Jolly Roger Social Club isn’t really about travel but I couldn’t find many others. I do also love South America travel books, maybe almost as much and there are a lot more of those. Anyway, big fan of Central America travel books.

Two favorites: Backpacked, Happier than a Billionaire

Two I can’t wait to read: Adventure by Chicken Bus, The Jolly Roger Social Club

Long-distance walking

Not necessarily thru-hiking (I do like that too though), but walking obscene distances in unusual places like the Gobi Desert, the Amazon Rainforest, or along the Nile.

I like thru-hiking books, too, but there’s just something about strapping on your boots and traversing Antarctica or America by foot that gets me. And these are specifically walking, not biking or anything.

A solo trek across a strange place is even better. I have no desire to do something like this either, but I will always read about someone else doing it.

Two favorites: Walking the Gobi, Life on Foot

Two I can’t wait to read: Polar Dream, The Places in Between

Human-powered journeys

Finally, adjacent to walking obscene distances is human-powered journeys across obscene distances. This includes but is not limited to biking, kayaking, and swimming.

I’ve only read a couple of these, I think just the two I listed, that I can remember, but have a lot more I want to read. I’ll have a whole post on these soon and my TBR will be even longer.

I think it’s so impressive reading about people doing things like biking around France to eat everything and kayaking the entire length of the Amazon River. It’s so impressive! I love it!

Two favorites: One More Croissant for the Road, Amazon Woman

Two I can’t wait to read: Lands of Lost Borders, Rowing to Latitude

What are your favorite genres that you will read everything in? What is a weirdly specific genre you like?

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