Everything I Read In February 2022

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February was a pretty average reading month for me. I read 9 books and I liked most of them quite a bit, but the ones I didn’t like, I really didn’t like.

I was still sort of in my little reading funk (I actually still sort of am) and most of my reading has been done just before I go to bed.

Between February and March, we drove over 3,000 miles for a move and I didn’t finish one physical book the whole time.

I started reading The Girl on the Train and actually had to finish it on my Kindle or it would still just be sitting unfinished not letting me start any other physical book.

Overall, February was a good reading month for me but also felt like it wasn’t. It’s weird. Anyway, here is everything I read in February 2022!

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The Bears Ears: A Human History of America’s Most Endangered Wilderness

Author: David Roberts

Genre: Non0fiction cultural

Rating: 5/5

About the book: This is a tour through time and place as David Roberts takes us through the Bears Ears and Four Corners region of the US.

Final thoughts: I loved this. We listened to it when we started the drive from Arizona to Wisconsin and it was perfect. It reminded me a little of Finders Keepers, but even better.

It was history but it was done in an interesting way. I think it helps that I’ve experienced the area knew a lot of the places that were talked about. I would definitely recommend the audiobook of this.

A Monster Calls

Author: Patrick Ness

Genre: YA Fantasy, I guess

Rating: 4/5

About the book: Conor wakes up seven minutes after midnight to a monster outside of his bedroom window but it’s not the monster of his nightmares, but an ancient one that wants something from him.

Final thoughts: I liked this but it really didn’t blow me away. My expectations were very high though based on reviews and the 4.34 average rating on Good Reads.

I thought I would cry, that I would be emotionally destroyed and while it was good, neither of those things happened. I did enjoy the illustrations a lot though.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Author: Iain Reid

Genre: Contemporary thriller

Rating: 4/5

About the book: Jake’s girlfriend is thinking of ending things. The thing is, they’re on their way to meet his parents.

That’s it. That’s all you get to know.

Final thoughts: I have this on my winter thriller list and it’s not technically a thriller but it is unsettling. I just kept thinking that as I was reading it.

I did like this a lot. Until they were inside the high school. I “got it” but I did not love that ending. I watched the movie after I read this and liked that before the high school a lot, too.

But then they got to the school and the dancing and I just did not like that.

The Last House on Needless Street

Author: Catriona Ward

Genre: Horror thriller

Rating: 4/5

About the book: A teenage girl not allowed outside, a man who drinks alone while he ignores his memory gaps, and a cat that loves napping and reading the Bible live together in a boarded-up house at the end of Needless Street.

A terrible secret binds them together but the new neighbor starts to bring up memories that haunt them all.

Final thoughts: From Good Reads: I liked this one a lot! It’s pretty medium-paced and I liked how it was written but I thought it was weird at the end they said they were going “to hospital” when it’s set in Washington.

Sort of spoiler below but not to the major core of the story

Also, the whole getting bit by a snake thing? What was that? Who brings a hammer to kill a snake!? You’d have to get way too close to it, then WHY WOULD SHE PICK IT UP TO PUT IT IN HER POCKET!? She could have just waited for it to move or gone around it, that whole scene just didn’t make sense to me. If she had to get bitten to love the story forward, there are much better ways to have that happen other than (being apparently terrified of snakes) PUTTING A DEAD ONE IN YOUR JACKET POCKET! Ugh. Unless I’m missing something here. I don’t know

The Lake

Author: Natasha Preston

Genre: YA thriller

Rating: 2/5

About the book: Former Campers at Camp Pine Lake, Esme and Kayla are now back as counselors in training. But they did something bad when they were campers that they agreed to keep a secret but that secret is in jeopardy after they get a note that says THE LAKE NEVER FORGETS.

Final thoughts: From Good Reads: ** spoiler alert ** This was an easy read and I kept going because of that. I like the idea of this book a lot but the execution was lackluster and the ending shouldn’t even be allowed to be called an ending. I didn’t like anyone, I don’t even know if they liked each other.

Olly is mad Esme is keeping secrets when he’s keeping even more!? Why do some of these people speak like an old English woman? They’re so formal but they’re all so young, it felt weird. And you’re telling me Lillian tracked these four people down ten years after she met them once in the woods in the dark? Sure. This did not do it for me

Behind Closed Doors

Author: B.A. Paris

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 2.5/5

About the book: Jack and Grace have everything in life. They’re inseparable. It might look like true love but behind closed doors, nothing is as it seems.

Final thoughts: I always see people rave about this one on Facebook but I was just annoyed the whole time. Spoilers in the next paragraph.

**SPOILER** And you’re telling me Jack went through alllllll this effort just because Millie is easy to scare? Like, you could just kidnap someone and hold them hostage for way less effort than marrying someone and “caring” for her sister. I just don’t get it. **SPOILERS OVER**

From Good Reads: 2.5 I wish I liked this more but Grace just really bothered me a lot. Also, are there actually humans named Rufus

No Exit

Author: Taylor Adams

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 5/5

About the book: Darby is on her way to seeing her dying mother back home in Utah when she gets caught in a blizzard in the Colorado mountains. She’s forced to wait out the storm at a rest stop with four total strangers.

Trying to find a signal to call home, Darby goes to the parking lot and instead finds a little girl locked in an animal crate in the van parked next to her.

Now she is determined to find a way to get the girl out of the van and escape since one of her fellow travelers is a kidnapper. She has to decide who she can trust now.

Final thoughts: I loved this! I didn’t want to stop reading it. And then I saw, like two days after I finished it, that Hulu was releasing the movie of this!

I was so excited and watched it right away and it was terrible! Not only were SO MANY things different that just didn’t need to be, my boyfriend who didn’t read it or know any differences also thought it was terrible.

The book though was amazing and I would definitely recommend this one, especially if you like locked-room mysteries.

56 Days

Author: Catherine Ryan Howard

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 5/5

About the book: 56 days ago Ciara and Oliver met just as Covid-19 reached Ireland.

35 days ago they move in together as lockdowns threaten to keep them apart.

Today detectives discover a decomposing body in Oliver’s apartment.

Final thoughts: This is the first Catherine Ryan Howard novel I read (though I have them all on my Kindle) and I loved it! I was hooked the whole time and thought I had the twist figured out and I almost did but then it twisted again! Big fan and now I can’t wait to read her other books.

Deadly Invaders: Virus Outbreaks Around the World

Author: Denise Grady

Genre: Non-fiction

Rating: 5/5

About the book: In search of a better understanding of often deadly diseases, Grady heads to Angola amid the 2005 Marburg virus epidemic. Here she explores the realities of healthcare in the developing world and it’s potential effects on our own welfare.

There are also sections about other diseases like avian flu, HIV, SARS, West Nile Virus, and more.

Final thoughts: I listened to this one and I really liked it. It wasn’t as dry as most books like this seem to be, which was nice. It was easy to listen to and short which was also really nice at the time. I also just really like disease and pandemic books.

Have you read any of these? Which ones? What did you read in February?

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