16 Books I Think My Cat Would Read (And You Should, Too)

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I don’t know why I thought of this, I may have seen a reel a long time ago, but today I decided to make a list of books I think my cat, Sauce, would read and/or recommend.

At first I had a few, then the longer I looked at my shelf the more I found. Some of these I picked because of the titles, some because of what’s in the book but either way, I’ll share why I think he would read it and what the book is about.

This is just a fun post and occasionally I get these ideas and need to immediately make the list/post. And this is one of them. I mean, how could I not do this the second I thought of it?

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The Hiding Place

Why I think Sauce would read it: Sauce isn’t one of those cats that hides when people come over, he’s usually out there investigating, but he does like a good hiding spot.

He likes hiding behind my books, behind the dish rack, behind everything in the closet, under the bed, on top of the fridge, in the open section of out coffee table, under the coffee table, everywhere.

About the book: Joe never wanted to come back to Arnhill after the way things ended with his old gang and what happened to his younger sister. But he has no choice after a chilling email lands in his inbox.

He lies his way into a teaching job at his former high school and is facing off with old friends and enemies that aren’t happy he’s back. But the hardest part is going back to the old mine where his life changed forever.

Best. State. Ever: A Florida Man Defends His Homeland

Why I think Sauce would read it: Sauce is a Florida Cat so just like Dave Barry, he’s going to defend his Florida home (just not the political part of it). Also, he’s never been anywhere else.

About the book: No one knows what will happen next in Florida, just that something will. We get to follow Dave Barry as he travels to all the magnificently weird things Florida has to offer.

Nothing to See Here

Why I think Sauce would read it: Sauce is sneaky and a little menace. He gets into EVERYTHING and whenever you go see what he got into now, he looks at you with his cute little face that just says nothing to see here, move along!

About the book: Lillian and Madison were unexpected friends and roommates at boarding school but when Lillian has to leave after a scandal, they barely speak anymore. Until, more than ten years later, she gets a letter from Madison pleading for her help. She wants Lillian to be the caretaker for her two step-kids that are moving in that spontaneously combust.

American Cheese

Why I think Sauce would read it: Aside from a sneaky spaghetti robbery and one pepperoni heist, the only people food Sauce has gotten is cheese and man does he love it. Those are just his Wisconsin roots showing, I think.

About the book: Joe thought he loved cheese, until he went to an artisanal cheese tasting one Valentine’s Day. It was like nothing he had tasted and they were all from America. He spent the next year exploring the subculture of cheese around the world from mountains to caves, ending at a mongering competition in Wisconsin.

Kitchen Confidential

Why I think Sauce would read it: Sauce loves being in the kitchen. If I go to cook or do the dishes, he’ll be there. Even if I’m not in there, he’ll sniff around the counters (I clean them before I cook), hang out on the fridge, or nap behind the dishrack. What he does in there is a mystery, one might say confidential.

About the book: This is a classic Anthony Bourdain book that everyone should read. It’s deliciously funny and delectably shocking with it’s true tales of life in the culinary world. He lays out his more than 25 years of drugs, sex, and haute cuisine in this wonderful expose.

The Window

Why I think Sauce would read it: Because he loves looking out the windows. He spends a lot of time watching all the birds and lizards and cars and people. He’s a big fan of windows and seeing him looking out when I’m outside is just the cutest.

About the book: Anna and her identical twin were the same on the outside but inside it’s hard to believe they’re twins at all. They tell each other everything, at least that’s what Jess thought.

Jess’s life begins to unravel after Anna falls to her death from their bedroom window while sneaking out. Now Jess is determined to find out everything about her sister and learn what really happened that night.

The Perfect Child

Why I think Sauce would read it: Because Sauce is the Perfect Child! He’s perfect but like Janie, he can be a bit unruly at times. Unlike Janie, the only thing he wants to hurt/kill is bugs. He’s adorable and sweet but a little wild, too.

About the book: Christopher and Hannah are happily married with everything they could hope for, except for a child. Until six-year-old Janie shows up at the hospital they work at, abandoned. Christopher forms an instant connection with her and Hannah insists they take her home to live with them, but Janie isn’t the perfect child they expect. Far from it.

Stalked by a Mountain Lion

Why I think Sauce would read it: Well, first of all, Sauce’s great grandfather is a mountain lion whose portrait graces our apartment wall. Second, his best buddy now that Henry is gone is a stuffed mountain lion that he fights on the daily.

About the book: This is a collection of human and mountain lion encounters. The predators must kill to survive and encounters are on the rise as their habitats continue to shrink.

The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century

Why I think Sauce would read it: He may not be stealing feathers from museums but he does steal them from his toys. Then eats them. If a toy has feathers on it, he wants it. Although he’s only allowed to play with those under supervision now after one of them got stuck on it’s way out after he ate it.

About the book: One June evening in 2009, Edwin Rist, a twenty-two year-old American flautist, boarded a train after performing at London’s Royal Academy of Music.

He was headed to the Tring museum, a suburban outpost of the British Museum of Natural History, which happens to be home to thousands of rare bird specimens with plumes worth staggering amounts of money to people like Edwin: Victorian salmon fly-tyers.

That night he walked out with hundreds of bird skins, some collected 150 years before by Alfred Russel Wallace, a contemporary of Darwin’s who risked everything to get them.

The Nesting

Why I think Sauce would read it: Because he loves getting cozy and curling up in and under blankets. He also sleeps curled up in a little nest right behind my knees every night.

About the book: Tom Faraday is determined to finish his high-concept environmentally friendly home he’s building in Norway. It’s the same place he lost his wife, Aurelia, to suicide and he wants to honor her with their dream home.

Lexi takes a job as his nanny and falls in love his the two girls, especially Gaia. But something is off about the isolated home.

Muddy footprints appear inside, Aurelia’s diary appears in Lexi’s room, and Gaia keeps telling her about the Sad Lady. She begins to expect Aurelia didn’t kill herself and they’re all in danger of something far more sinister.

The Secret Life of Plants

Why I think Sauce would read it: We tried having some real plants while he was really small, which worked. But then II gave him one of his own and he just ripped it up. So now we just have fake plants but he can chew on them all he wants. I think he would like to know what the plants get up to when he’s not around since he wants to know what’s going on at all times.

About the book: This explores the life of plants that we don’t get to see, the response to human care, their ability to communicate with each other, and so much more.

Monkey Wrench Gang

Why I think Sauce would read it: Unlike the others on this list, I think he would read this one because he pulled it off of my book shelf not too long ago! He never pulls books off but he did this one time.

About the book: George Hayduke, an ex-Green Beret, is back in the southwest desert and it’s being threatened by industrial development. He joins up with Bonnie Abzug, a feminist saboteur, Seldom Seen Smith, an outcast Mormon, and Doc Sarvis, a libertarian billboard torcher, to fight the power and take on everyone threatening the natural habitat.

The Lizard King

Why I think Sauce would read it: Because he sure does love watching all those little lizards flashing their neck flaps outside his window. Legend has it that Sauce himself is the Lizard King.

About the book: Nothing could prepare Bryan for what he would encounter when he dove into the world of reptile smuggling, particularly Michael J. Van Nostrand, the owner of Strictly Reptiles in Hollywood, Florida. He imports as many as 300,000 iguanas each year along with hundreds of thousands of other creatures. He was suspected of being a reptile smuggler and Special Agent Chip Bepler devoted years of his life to taking down The Lizard King.

Pasta, Pane, Vino: Deep Travels Through Italy’s Food Culture

Why I think Sauce would read it: Because apparently Sauce likes pasta now (he stole a spaghetti noodle from the sink yesterday) and he has perfected not just the loaf, but the croissant and baguette as well.

About the book: This is a travelogue and patient investigation into Italy’s food culture and the people pushing it in new directions: three globetrotting brothers who became the mozzarella kings of Puglia, the pizza police of Naples, and the Barolo Boys who turned the hilly Piedmont into one of the world’s greatest wine regions.

Truly Devious

Why I think Sauce would read it: Because Sauce is a devious little guy! Sometimes I say menace, sometimes maniac, but devious works, too. He’s sneaky, he gets into everything, and like Stevie, he HAS to investigate everything.

About the book: Albert Ellingham opened Ellingham Academy in Vermont to make learning a game. The school is full of riddles, twisting pathways, and gardens. When the school opened, though, his wife and daughter were kidnapped and all that was left behind was a riddle signed “Truly, devious” becoming one of the greatest unsolved crimes in American history.

Stevie Bell is about to start her first year at Ellingham Academy and has made it her goal to solve the cold case. Strange things are going on and it turns out that truly devious has made a comeback and gotten away with murder.

Where the Water Goes: Life and Death Along the Colorado River

Why I think Sauce would read it: Contrary to popular belief, not all cats hate water! I’m not sure if he would be interested in a whole bath but he does enjoy water. He loves his fountains for drinking and occasional playing, he loves watching me do the dishes, he loves watching the water filter get filled, he loves splashing in the sink, and he loves watching it disappear down the drain. And he sure does want to know where the water is going.

About the book: David Owen follows the Colorado River from it’s headwaters to it’s dried up terminus. The water issues in the west may seem simple to solve but it’s far more complex and interesting than is let on.

You’ll learn about water usage, water rights, and more in this entertaining and informative book.

Have you read any of these? Which ones? What do you think your cat (or dog or other pet) would read?

Author: Megan Johnson

I'm Megan, a cheesehead at heart currently residing in the Sunshine State. You can probably find me reading, watching Forensic Files, or both.

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