10 Christmas Cozy Mysteries Perfect For Those Chilly Winter Days

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There are SO many cozy mysteries out there, this list could be eight miles long, but I decided just to narrow it down to just ten Christmas Cozy mysteries this holiday season. I’ll probably do another one next year with more, or update this one.

I don’t read cozy mysteries to. often but I do love t. em. They’re fun, cute, easy to read, and those covers. The covers are always cheesy and I love them.

I’ll have a different list, or maybe a few with different themes, for non-Christmas cozy mysteries but this one is all about Christmas.

Get out your tea, chocolate, baked goods, and kitting supplies and enjoy one of these mysteries on a cool snowy day. Or to feel like it’s a cold snowy day if you’re somewhere warm like me.

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Christmas Candy Corpse

This is the perfect Christmas cozy mystery for baking show fans! Six bakers are competing for the crown but Courtney senses some grouchiness from coworkers, especially one of the judges, Shannon. She’s hoping the tasty treats with lift the spirits but that hope is gone when the assistant director is found strangled.

Murder at the Christmas Cookie Bake-Off

We’ve got another baking cozy mystery right away here! (I have a feeling a lot of Christmas mysteries are bakiing-themed.)

Lindsey is sure she can win the town-wiide cookie bake-off but a picture-perfect December in Beacon Harbor is hard to manage. Felicity is also in the competition but she’s willing to do anything to win.

When one of the judges ends up dead and covered in crumbs from Lindsey’s cookies, she has to find the real Christmas Cookie culprit.

This one even includes recipes!

The Enemy You Gnocchi

Tessa is ready to serve up holiday cheer and nothing can dim her spirits during the Festival of Lights, not even Mariio whose espresso bar has been stealing business from Harvest Park’s favorite coffeehouse.

At the opening of the festival, though, Mario is found dead in a Santa suit and her friend is implicated in the crime. Now she has to find the killer before they can sleigh again.

Dying in a Winter Wonderland 

Christmas has arrived in Rudolph, New York and Merry needs a rest but before that, she’s helping Luanna make wedding decorations. THe wedding has suddenly been moved up and she’s demanding everyone follow her lear no matter the cost which is much higher than anyone anticipated.

Her fiance is found dead at the venue and Merry is going to help the community find peace by finding the killer.

Twelve Slays of Christmas

Just two weeks before their Christmas Eve wedding, Holly’s fiance calls it off. Thankfully Mistletoe, Maine is extra magical around the holidays but that ends when the Mistletoe Historic Society president is found bludgeoned at Holly’s family’s tree farm.

Her father and the staff are the first suspects when they realiize the weapon was a stake used to mark the trees on the farm but Holly knows he father and is determined to clear his name.

A Christmas Candy Killing

Twins Alex and Hannah own Murder and Mayhem, a mystery bookshop where they sell their poison-themed Killer Chocolates. Not long before Christmas, their elderly neighbor Jane said a murderer from a true crime show moved to town. She also told Netta, the town gossip, and when Alex went to Jane’s to watch the show, she finds Janes body with a box of Killer Chocolates nearby.

Alex, a prime beneficiary in Jane’s will, and Zack, a handyman seen leaving the crme scene, are the top suspects. Alex maintains her innocence and tries to get to the bottom of things. When she finds Jane’s journal, things star t to make a lot more sense.

Christmas CAT-astrophe

The Cat Cafe is buzzing as they prepare for the Holiday Fur Ball and Silent Auction. Tinsley can’t help but dream of the new shelter they’ll get with the funds from the auction. This comes to an abrupt end when the cafe catches fire.

All the kitties are safely rescued but everyone is shocked when it’s revealed the fire was arson. Now she has to work with the handsome but annoying, Nick, to find the culprit before they strike again.

Murder in the First Edition

Addie is in the Christmas spirit, especially because she has an 1843 copy of A Christmas Carol for the charity auction which would help fund the new pediatric wing. Her spirit darkens when Jonathan Hemingway, the daughter of her late fiance, arrives. She is sad but fuming when he runs off for a lunchtime liason with Teresa, the woman in charge of the auction.

Not long after, she heads to Teresa’s office and finds her dead body and no valuable first edition. Facing a Nor’easter and a mystery from Jonathan’s past, Addie has to find out what really happened.

It Came upon a Midnight Shear

Libby is expanding her store Y.A.R.N. for a holiday boom and she’s gathered Collinstown businesses to decorate a community Chritmas tree. Vincenzo is in town to showcase his rare vicuna whose coat produces the most luxurious yarn.

It’s perfect until her ex husband shows up in town. then shows up dead. Her life is unraveling faster than a hand-knit stocking and if she can’t find out what happened, she may be trading knitting needles for handcuffs.

A Dark and Snowy Night

I don’t know if it’s possible to condense this because there’s so much going on so here is the full description:

“Winter in Sea Harbor is a feast for the senses—crackling bonfires, the scent of snow in the salty air, carols ringing out on the village green. This year, the Seaside Knitters have a sackful of obligations in addition to their usual Christmas preparations. Izzy is so overloaded with knitting classes that she hires an extra salesperson, but the new addition has trouble fitting into the yarn shop’s holiday spirit. Cass, juggling the stresses of running her lobster fishery, has finally found a nanny for her active toddler. Molly Flanigan seems practically perfect in every way—until she suddenly disappears, taking Cass’s beloved rescue mutt with her . . .
Meanwhile, the holidays are kicking off in style at Mayor Beatrice Scaglia’s holiday party, where a well-dressed crowd admires the mayor’s sumptuous new home and the celebrity chef catering the event.  An additional treat for Ben and Nell Endicott at the festive affair is reconnecting with a dear college friend, Oliver Bishop. But it’s not just reunions and the appetizers that are to-die-for. Before the party-goers can toast the beginning of Sea Harbor’s festive season, the chef—and young wife of the Endicott’s old Harvard friend—is found dead beneath the mistletoe . . .
Izzy, Birdie, Nell, and Cass must uncover the pattern to these mysteries to remove suspicion from those they love, bring a murderer to justice—and keep Sea Harbor’s holiday magic from vanishing into the chill winter air . . .”

Have you read any of these Christmas cozy mysteries? Which ones? Any others you would recommend?

Author: Megan Johnson

I'm Megan, a cheesehead at heart currently residing in the Sunshine State. You can probably find me reading, watching Forensic Files, or both.

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