The SUPER Friends (show) Book Tag

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Like most of the world, I love the show Friends. Then I found a Friends book tag. And another one. And another one. So what did I do? I combined them into one super Friends book tag post. Some tags come from Books Real When Shared and others come from Book Lovers Blog.

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“So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way” – A Book Which Surprised You

Boy21! I got this in a mystery book box and was not excited about it but it was SO GOOD! Like, I have no desire to read about basketball and I don’t really like contemporary books, but this impressed me so much.

I don’t know if this is officially contemporary, but I don’t know what else to call it. I actually cried a little at the end and would highly recommend this to everyone. Plus, it’s an easy read so it shouldn’t take too long. I read it in one sitting.

From Goodreads

Chandler – A Book that Made you Laugh Out Loud

From Goodreads

Welcome to Night Vale! I just read this (currently reading the second one) and both have made me laugh quite a few times.

Here are a couple quotes from it that I enjoyed:

“She left the shower as most people leave showers, clean and a little lonely.”

“We are skipping Friday this week, but we’ll make up for it by having Double Friday next week. Mark your schedules.”

And to start a manual transmission, they turn the car on then whisper a secret into the cupholder. I just love that.

Monica – A Book That You Never Want To Be Damaged or Broken

Educated just because it’s so pretty. Or my Kindle, does that count?

Joey – A Book That You Love And Want To Become A Movie

Hmm, maybe Illuminae. Ohh, or 12 Nights at Rotter House! I think that would be a good scary/psychological thriller.

Phoebe – A Book That Had Bad Reviews But You Loved

The Outliers. This one didn’t do too great on Goodreads, but I liked it a lot. It was a little out there sometimes, but I still liked it a lot. The second one I liked a lot less.

Ross – A Book That You Can’t Decide Whether You Love It Or You Hate It

Tampa. FOR SURE. I lean more towards liking this because it was so different, but it’s hard to say it’s good because of what it’s about. It’s just really well written, but so horrifying at the same time.

I think this one is really interesting, but if you don’t like vulgar books, definitely skip this. Like, don’t even pretend you’ll read it. The language is uhh, quite inappropriate as is the actual content.

From Goodreads

Rachel – A Character That Had Major Character Development

From Goodreads

Bernadette from Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

When we meet her she’s agoraphobic and will do anything she can to not leave the house but when it comes to her daughter, she faces her fears and I don’t want to spoil the ending so I won’t say what she does, but it’s impressive.

Central Perk – A Book You Go To When You’re Bored

I don’t really think there’s anything specific I go to when I’m bored. Just whatever I’m currently reading, I guess.

Gunther – A Book You Always Hear About But Never Buy

Nevernight. I was just thinking about this today and how much I want to get it. Also, ACOMAF and ACOWAR. I’ve missed Kindle deals for them more than once but I don’t want to read them enough to buy them but I’m getting close to just going for it.

“Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What Are They Feeding You?” – A Book That Has A Nice Smell

New ones? I guess? Oh, or this scratch and sniff book I had when I was little. It was those hedgehog things and it was a Christmas book and I loved it.

“How You Doin’” – A Book Character That You Love So Much

Alvie from The Plastic Magician! I liked her so much more than Ceony from the first three books. She was just so fun and spunky.

I love how excited she was about learning her form of magic and how concerned she was for her mentors well-being. I just think she was generally better and less self-centered.

Plus, it was cool getting to finally read about another kind of magic, not that the paper magic wasn’t cool.

From Goodreads

We Were On A Break – A Book That You Stopped Reading For Some Reason

From Goodreads

The last book in the Matched series because it was awful. I didn’t mind the first two books, but I didn’t love them either, but this one just felt so unnecessary.

It was at least 200 pages too long and in those first 300 pages, it felt like NOTHING was even happening. And then I stopped reading.

I just looked up how it ended and then DNF’d and it wasn’t even that exciting. SPOILER ALERT: she doesn’t end up with anyone and they all go their own ways.

The One Where Eddie Won’t Go – A Character I Wish Would Just Go Away

Amy Gumm from Dorothy Must Die. I mean, MINOR SPOILERS: She has the chance to kill Dorothy how many times and she just won’t? Come on, girl. Just do it. Get it over with.

The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break – Favorite Break-Up Scene

Bran and Gwyn from the Imitations series. I don’t know if it counts as an official break up because they weren’t really together, but I’m glad it ended because I don’t ship them at all.

The One With All The Kissing – A Book With Lots of Kissing

I know I just said the Imitations series, but that had a lot of kissing in it and it wasn’t a romance book, but there was a lot with a lot of people.

The Last One – Favorite Series Finale

From Goodreads

I think I’ll go with Obsidio (Illuminae Files) for this one because it was SO GOOD. Ahh but Legend was so good too! These are my two favorite series and I just read them last year but already want to re-read them. Or listen to Illuminae at least.

From Goodreads

The One With The Blackout – A scene I’d like to forget

The end of Baby Teeth because it was SO BORING. I mean, there was so much potential for that and it was just so boring.

The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry – A Book That Did Not Make You As Emotional As Other Readers

American Dirt. I wasn’t as angry about it as other people and enjoyed it for what it was.

The One Where Joey Doesn’t Share Food – A Book You Won’t Ever Lend Out

Anything I want to keep. And if I do want to keep it and happen to let someone borrow it, I’ll tell them I want it back and expect to never get it back anyways. There are certain people I’ll let borrow my books, but not many.

But if I have to just pick one, then maybe Path of the Puma because it’s one I was super excited to get and love it.

From Goodreeads

The One With The Thumb – A Recent Read That You Would Give Two Thumbs Up To

Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? I love Caitlin Doughty (Ask a Mortician on YouTube) because she is hilarious and makes death easier to accept and understand. I would highly recommend her books to everyone.

The One With The Ick Factor – A Book With A Pet Peeve

Can I just say a book pet peeve? Ok, good. When saving the world or a group of people depends on basically one person and their friends are willingly helping them and putting themselves in danger and the hero is like “no guys, I have to do this alone, it’s too dangerous for you.” I HATE IT. Just accept the help, they’re volunteering for it, it was their decision. I really noticed this in Harry Potter (a lot) and the Imitations series.

The One With The Lesbian Wedding – Favourite LGBTQ+ Book Couple

From Goodreads

The only one I can think of is Magic for Liars. There were a lot of gay characters in that, like a lot for such a small number of characters.

I am trying to broaden my horizons, so any great LGBTQ+ book suggestions are appreciated! Preferably not romance or contemporary, but if they are, I’ll still give them a shot.

Monica – A Book Based on a Game or Competition

Hunger Games. Or The Maze Runner. But I haven’t read The Maze Runner yet, so I’m not sure if that counts.

Monica – Organization Queen: How do you Organize your Books?

Usually by genre. Then in each genre I put the same author together and separate by books I’ve read and books I haven’t. But I have series that I own all of together regardless of genre.

Rachel – A Book you Read for the Hype

A Court of Thorns and Roses for sure. It’s not something I would normally pick and I’m not dying to finish the series, but I will out of pure curiosity.

I thought it was ok, but I don’t get the hype yet. Maybe after the others but so far, I’m not that impressed. It also took me longer to read that usual.

From Goodreads

Rachel – Shopping Addict: What Makes you Buy a book

  • Super cool cover
  • A topic I’m interested in
  • A super cool cover AND sprayed edges
  • Sometimes hype
  • A good Kindle deal

Ross – A Science Fiction Book

Illuminae! It’s my fave and I love it. If you can’t tell by now.

Ross – On a Break: Which Books Have you put Down to Pick Back up Later

From Goodreads

Educated and American Dirt. I started both of these, got like, 50-100 pages in and then finished them months later.

I ended up really liking both, though. I just wasn’t in the right mood for either when I started them.

From Goodreads

Chandler – That time at Space Mountain. Are there any books you’re embarrassed to admit you’ve read

Not really. I’m usually pretty open about what I’m reading.

Joey – V is for Encyclopedia. As an adult, have you read any books with words you had to look up to understand

Probably but there isn’t anything that sticks out for me. Last night I read “skin legions” in a book and just had to ask and be sure that it was actually lesions, not legions and it is. It’s lesions. But that was more to make sure they weren’t two different things and I just didn’t know it.

Joey – A scary book you’d keep in the freezer

From Goodreads

Shattered by Dean Koontz. I was so scared the first time I read this, I actually had a hard time sleeping. I don’t know if it was because it was way more realistic than anything else he writes, but this one had me really freaked out.

Also, Penpal by Dathan Auerbach. I first read this on the nosleep subreddit and was up all night. This scared me so bad, but I love it. It’s one of my favorites and is an actual book now.

Phoebe – A book with a spiritual or supernatural theme

Baking Bad. This was a cozy mystery I found for free on Kindle and it has dragons in it. It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t bad either. I don’t know if I really like dragons though.

Phoebe – The boycott. Are there any authors, booksellers or publishers you refuse to support

Nope. If I don’t read an author it’s probably just because I’m not interested in what they’re writing.

Have you read any of these? Which ones? Anything you agree with? Or don’t?

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