Pretty Little Liars Books Series Order

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I love Pretty Little Liars. The show (most of it) and the books. I will read anything Sara Shepard writes thanks to this series and The Lying Game.

One thing I didn’t like about her book/series is that it’s so hard to figure out what order to read them in and find that list without spoilers.

Well, today I’m sharing with you a spoiler-free list of Pretty Little Liars books in order. It includes sixteen novels for the main story and two other books that are sort of like novellas, not crucial to read, but add to the story.

They aren’t novella-length though, they’re actually pretty long. Sometimes longer than the main books.

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What are the Pretty Little Liars books about?

Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hannah are best friends held together by secrets and Ali. But when Ali mysteriously vanishes one night at a sleepover, they drift apart.

As their secrets begin being brought to light by a cyber-stranger, they come back together to get to the bottom of it.

And that’s the easiest way to describe this wild series without giving anything away. So, is it worth reading the Pretty Little Liars books if you’ve seen the show?


It will be two totally different experiences and I’d personally say the books have a better ending than the show.

Are the Pretty Little Liars books and show the same?

The first two seasons are pretty much book one and I actually didn’t read that one but it’s the only one I have, funny enough.

But after that, they are wildly different. There are some small similarities or parallels but overall expect very different things.

I’ve been wanting to re-read these for like, a year now and this post is just making me want to do that even more. Maybe I’ll do that this winter!

Have you read the Pretty Little Liars books? Seen the show? What do you think of them both?

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